u8 Gillford Park Gillies Team Photo

u8 Gillford Park Gillies

COACH 1: Darren Scaife
COACH 2: Liam Barlow
SPONSOR: David Rothery roofing

Darren Scaife Coach Photo

Darren Scaife


Coached Since: I ve been coaching for a couple of years , coached RAF Digby la
Favorite Team: Newcastle United
Favorite Color: Blue
Why I Coach?:
Reason i coach is for the love of the game . i can no longer play due to recurring Knee issues. so coaching is a way ,where i can stay involved & hopefully pass on some of my knowledge and love for the game of football

David Rothery roofing Sponsor Photo
David Rothery roofing
Liam Barlow  Coach Photo

Liam Barlow


Coached Since: August 2018
Favorite Team: Manchester United
Favorite Color: Purple
Why I Coach?:
1.I coach because i love football, 2. To learn more about the game myself pass that onto the young generation to see them grow & thrive